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Date: April 23, 2023


Welcome to the rebike.gr website. The site is owned by to Ramberry E.E registered in GEMI with no 159891740000, VAT number 801600320, DOU LARISSAS and or registered office located at 32 Katsoni Street, Larissa, 41221. The Website owned and operated by Ramberry. Those terms of use determine the basis for using it our website (www.rebike.gr) (the "Website") as Citizens, and to make use of our bicycles ("Vehicle"). The Terms are defined as these Terms, as applicable additional agreement signed by you, if any documents or agreements (or links on the internet documents or agreements) sent electronically.

Before you start using the Website please read these Terms carefully. If you continue to browse and use the Website or you use our Services displayed on Site, then you agree to comply and to be bound by these Terms which shall govern the Ramberry's relationship with you.

If you disagree with any part of these Terms, you must immediately stop using the Website.

2. Terms of use

Ramberry reserves the right to modify or freely revises the terms and conditions of transactions from the online store, at any time deems necessary, and undertakes the obligation to informs consumers of any change, through the pages of this electronic shop. Electronic contracts shop can be prepared in Greek language.

You can contact us by email at support@rebike.gr or by phone at +306942783210 if have questions about these Terms.

3. Definitions

3.1 Vehicle

Vehicles means Bicycles, the use of which you granted under the lease agreement.

3.2 Equipment

Equipment means the set of products that provided by Ramberry with the Vehicle in its context vehicle rental. In these products indicatively locks, keys, guards belong helmets, child seats.

3.3 Lease

Ramberry's lease and grant thereof use of Vehicle and/or Equipment to Lessee, under them these Terms, as applicable from time to time.

3.4 Renterer

You are a Renterer if you have completed the process vehicle rental, including acceptance of these Terms.

4. Lease

4.1 General Terms

By accepting these Terms during the purchase process Lease, you agree to comply and to you are bound by these Terms, as always Apply.

Our Services are intended for use by persons of age eighteen (18) years of age or older. The possibility is given bicycle to be used by persons aged twelve (12) years and older only with the presence of an adult (18) throughout the duration of the lease. In case you wish the child must use the child seat to have completed two (2) years. Using them Our Services, you warrant and represent that: i) you are; eighteen (18) years of age or older and ii) all the information you provide us about you is true, accurate, and up to date.

You agree that we reserve the right, as a condition of Your rental, to verify that your identity validly issued and not suspended or revoked and that we may at our sole discretion to we refuse to rent a Vehicle to you and/or Equipment, if the above conditions are not met. We reserve the right to refuse rentals based on: (i) the genuineness of your identity (ii) the weakness verify your identity or payment methods or (iii) any other information obtained from any other source during the identification process for the completion of the Lease.

By accepting the Terms, you represent, warrant and you agree that: (i) you are a competent driver of the Vehicles and you will remain fit throughout Your lease. (ii) your physical condition is capable; and enough to safely drive a Vehicle without no risk to your health (iii) you are well aware of operation of a Vehicle and (iv) you have knowledge of the laws relating to your Vehicle and all others concerned laws relating to the regulation of the traffic of all types of vehicles within the city in which you drive it Your vehicle. You will not use the Rental Vehicle in areas where the use of a Vehicle is prohibited, and you declare that you have understood the legal rules regarding the use of the pavement, the spaces parking (for example, do not obstruct or interrupt pedestrian traffic) and consumption alcohol/drugs while operating the Vehicle. Such as any physical activity, driving Vehicle can cause small or large injuries or discomfort and may aggravate or complicate underlying medical conditions or illnesses. By choosing to drive a Vehicle, you assume all responsibility and risk for all such injuries or other medical ailments.

It is prohibited to any third party in whole or in part assignment or transfer of rights and obligations you under the Terms and/or the law.

5. Lease Period

The Rental Period starts from the day of collection of the Vehicle and continues until its expiry specified time period that you choose at completion of the lease.

6. Liabilities

During the Rental Period, make sure that at all times the Vehicle is in the possession of or him your control, making sure it's locked and safe when you're not driving it, indicative, but no without limitation, in the following ways: (i) parking it both legally and safely, (ii) using a lock, (iii) ensuring that the lock is securely locked around the frame of the vehicle and adjusted to a stationary object.

You are not entitled to make any permanent changes to the Vehicle or / and remove any existing fittings or discreetly from it without the previous written our consent.

It is prohibited to use the Vehicle for any unlawful purpose.

It is forbidden to transport the Vehicle in any way at a distance of more than fifty kilometers (50 km) from the city of Larissa.

The Lease is expressly for private use. It is forbidden to transport people or objects with the Vehicle for a fee occasionally or per' profession. Confess and you agree that if you drive the Vehicle for one of the aforementioned uses, you are not covered by anyone type insurance and no limitation applies liability and you are responsible for making good any damages to third parties or the rented Vehicle, against Ramberry.

During the Rental Period, you comply with all traffic rules. You absolutely are responsible and agree to notify us, of any fine, confiscation, forfeiture or penalty, for violation of the C.O.K. or other laws, orders or rules of any public service as long as they concern the Vehicle. All fines and administrative penalties arising due to your fault are fully borne by you.

You must keep the Vehicle in excellent condition, use it with due care, observe the tactical instructions provided by the manufacturer maintenance and demonstrate consistency in scheduled appointments for maintenance. also you are obliged to regularly check that the Vehicle is worthy road, as well as to comply with all the instructions that refer to the manufacturer's manual. Rita it is agreed that if during the lease any problem or damage due to bad use of the Vehicle or due to non-observance of the above mentioned above, you are responsible for covering this damage.

The Vehicle is used only by the contracting party driver, always reasonably, with care and responsibility. You acknowledge and agree that as long as you drive it Vehicle, in violation of the written provisions, such as indicative of being intoxicated or under the influence of barbiturates or any type of drug substances or it is driven by any third party not entitled, you are not covered by any type insurance and no limitation of liability applies and you are responsible for making good any damage to third parties or in the rented Vehicle, against Ramberry.

You must notify us promptly of any changes to your personal information, including; indicatively, of the name, residential address, of your contact number and payment details.

7. Delivery

You must be present when the Vehicle is delivered and Equipment. Delivery will be completed only after your face authentication is completed and payment of the amount agreed with the lease. Your acceptance of delivery is evidence that you have examined the Vehicle and Equipment and that the you have found in good condition, complete and suitable for the purpose for which they are intended. According to legend, you will sign a receipt confirming such acceptance of the Vehicle and Equipment.

Delivery is made by us to the company's headquarters or to another part of the city of Larissa as long as it has agreed upon.

8. Maintenance and Repair

In case your Vehicle shows a problem that prevents its safe operation, Ramberry will use reasonable efforts to repair it problem within two (2) hours of being contacted us. In the event that this is not possible, it will make reasonable efforts to replace it. In the event Ramberry fails to repair or replace your Vehicle within the interval that stated above, no compensation or payment shall it's because of you.

9. Vehicle Theft & Damage

The risk of its loss, theft, damage or destruction Vehicle and Equipment, as well as third party claims which will be caused by their use, are transferred to you upon delivery of the Vehicle. Any responsibility arising from the use of the Vehicle and the Equipment shall borne by you during the Rental Period, the Period Notice and at any other time after expiration of this and until we collect them, as long as they remain the Vehicle and Equipment in possession, custody or your control.

You will notify us immediately and without any delay in case of loss, accident or damage to the Vehicle or the equipment. Ramberry, in connection with theft, accident or damage to the Vehicle, which occurs through your fault, will use reasonable efforts to replace his with another.

In case of damage, theft or accident, you are liable immediately notify the police, do not accept fault or guilt and claims of third parties with any way, direct or indirect. Contact immediately by telephone or by any other means with Ramberry. Complete and sign a declaration accident/theft at Ramberry within two (2) days after the accident and deliver any regarding the accident documents or information to Raspberry. In case of theft or loss of the Vehicle, you are required to report the event in writing to nearest police authority and Ramberry at the latest within twelve (12) hours. In case of violation of the terms of this article, you are jointly and severally liable for each Ramberry damage positive or negative, without to other compensation is also excluded and regardless of whether with the Terms we have accepted any optional limitation of your liability.

In cases of total or partial theft of the vehicle you are liable to fully indemnify Ramberry to its commercial value. If a lost or stolen Vehicle recovered during the Lease, you will be credited the charge amount. We will determine this amount based on condition of the Vehicle and any other costs.

You are responsible for any damage to the Vehicle and its Equipment, beyond normal wear and tear use. Examples of such damages include, but including but not limited to: frame dents; bare frame scratches or upper length scratches of three centimeters (3 cm), hooked wheels or missing spokes, broken or lost guards mud, wheel damage, broken or lost saddle. The relative cost depends on the severity of the damage and will be communicated by Ramberry within ten (10) working days from the return of the Vehicle.

10. Return

You agree to return the Vehicle and Equipment to us in the same condition as you received them, apart from wear and tear due to normal use, at the date and time scheduled with you for pickup based on of the Terms, by signing the relevant proof of delivery. You must allow Ramberry or the its representatives to have access to any space where the Vehicle and Equipment are located for the purpose of receiving them. If it is not possible to return or make the Vehicle and Equipment available for received within the Notice Period, you will continue be charged for their use from the day after expiry, with a daily charge according to its Terms Rental.

11. Payments

You will pay for the Rental period, according to the Terms, consideration/lease fees, all of them applicable taxes, as well as any additional charges, charges or cost recovery fees to be incurred from non-compliance with the Terms ("Charges"). We make every effort to ensure that all prices and descriptions referred to these Terms, on our Website or elsewhere correct and accurate.

The consideration for the Rental period is paid in advance at its inception.

12. Insurance

Renterers and Vehicles, during their normal use, they are covered in Greek territory for General Civil Liability and Legal Protection. The coverages and limits of liability are indicatively the following, subject to modification which will be notified to you in a timely manner as set forth in these Terms.

General Civil Liability up to €50,000. In case the Insured, through own fault, cause Death or Bodily Injury or Property Damage to third parties during use and operation/traffic of his bicycle, the Company will cover him up to Maximum Limit of Liability which amounts to €50,000 per event and annually.
  • - Bodily Injury or Death of third parties up to €35,000
  • - Material Damage to third parties up to €15,000
  • - Maximum Limit of Liability per event and per year up to €50,000
Legal Protection up to €3,000. Law is covered Protection of the Insured for the following:
  • - Claim for Material Damages (over €300) & Bodily Injuries of the same
  • - Defense for Injury or Loss of Life due to a traffic accident
  • - Counter Claims for Material Damages & Bodily Injuries of third parties
  • - Criminal Defense due to Injury or Loss Life of third parties
  • - Appeal to Administrative Authorities and Courts

13. Responsibility

If the Renterer puts a Vehicle into use, it will be interpreted as indicating that it is working properly and not has defects. If in doubt about safety of the vehicle, must contact immediately Raspberry. The Lessee uses the Vehicle as his own responsibility. Ramberry shall not be liable for any damage or loss suffered by the Hirer as result of the use of the vehicle, except for case of violation of the Terms, due to gross negligence part of her.

It is stated and agreed that the Lessee shall be liable for any positive or incidental loss, costs, injuries, claims, attorneys' or other fees of third parties with which Ramberry is charged, and which in any way arising from or directly or indirectly related to the Lease or any third party, including liabilities created to or claims raised by third parties. The Lessee waives his right to turn directly or deductions for the above against Ramberry. With we in no way guarantee the quality characteristics and/or security of any vehicle and/or equipment and you agree that we are not responsible for any physical damage caused by the use of the Vehicle, regardless of whether or not a protector is used helmet or other equipment which is recommended unreservedly. In any case, not wearing a helmet or other protective equipment constitutes entirely responsibility of the Lessee or any third party driver.

We are not responsible for loss, theft or damage of any property owned by you located in or on the Vehicle, any replacement vehicle or at our facilities. You will also be liable for claims third parties for loss or damage caused in or on in the Vehicle in their possession.

14. General terms

14.1 Intellectual Property Rights

This Website is its intellectual property company under the name Ramberry E.E. according to Law 2121/1993 "On Intellectual Property", as this has been amended and is valid today. Ramberry reserves the exclusive intellectual rights ownership in design and all content of the website.

14.2 Data protection

We will at all times comply with any relevant data protection legislation, for example the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and the terms of its Privacy Policy, such as this is published on our website. For more information visit our Website https://rebike.gr.

14.3 Jurisdiction

For every dispute and case that will arise or will created in connection with the Lease or the Terms, The Courts of Larissa are competent at all levels and Jurisdiction.

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