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Rent a bike in the city of Larissa!

Choose your bike and move easily in our city. Ride around Pineios River, visit the Fortress Hill, the Ancient Theater in the city center, the Park of Alcazar and the Pappa's Mill!


Available bikes

Choose your bike and ride around the city!

Our bikes are brand new, of high quality and in excellent condition, with all their peripheral parts like lights, bell, stand, mudguards, rear grill. The bikes we use are from brands like Cube, Scott and Specialized.


City bike

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It is a bike for your daily commute in the city. The large wheel dimension gives the bike the ability to cover distances with ease. It includes all the peripherals you need such as lights, bell, stand, mudguards and rear grill.

4/ hour
20€/ Day
  • BrandCube, Scott
  • Wheel size28
  • Gear number24
  • Break typesDisc-Brakes

Road bike

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It is a road bike that will allow you to cover long distances with ease. It has 18 speeds to adjust the intensity according to your needs, but also to be able to climb more demanding hills.

5/ hour
25€/ Day
  • BrandSpecialized
  • Wheel size28
  • Gear number18
  • Break typesV-Brakes

Our offers

3 hours + 1 hour for free
We offer one extra hour for free if you rent our bikes for 3 hours.
You get the bike for 4 hours for 12€!
2 days + 1 day for free
We offer one extra day for free if you rent our bikes for 2 days.
You get the bike for 3 days for 40€!
1 + 1 for half price every Thuesday
We offer the 2nd bike in the half price every Tuesday.
You get 2 bikes for 30€!

Bike equipment

Ride around safely with the best equipment!

We provide accessories such as car rack, child seat and lights. Everything in perfect condition and at no extra charge.

Child seat

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The Bobike GO was designed specifically for the international market. Like all other Bobike safety seats, it has a double-walled shell.

Free of charge

Bike helmet

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Helmet ideal for use both in the city and in the countryside. There is a variety of size options, S, M, L to find the best for you.

Free of charge

  • BrandAbus
  • Weight450gr

Car mound

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It has six bicycle securing straps and is compatible for Sedan and Hatchback (Station-Wagon) cars.

Free of charge

  • BrandThule
  • Number of bikes3

*The equipment is provided with the bike rental and cannot be provided separately.

Rental process

Rent the bike you want easily and safely!

Contact us
Send us a request by filling out the contact form or call us at +306942783210 or come by our office at L. Katsoni 32. We try to respond to all requests in short period of time!
Pick up the bike
The bike is usually picked up from our office. In case you wish to receive it from another point, we will try to serve you!
Pick up the equipment
If you need equipment such as a child's bike seat, car mount or anything else we are happy to provide it!
Return the bike
When you have completed your rides you can return the bike to our office, if you wish share your experience with us!

Why I should rent a bike

To easily discover the city and have a unique experience!

The city of Larissa has one of the largest and most modern networks of cycle paths in Greece, with wonderful routes in the city center and many nearby options where you can enjoy nature!


Start from the center of our city, visit the Ancient Theatre, cycle next to the Pineios River, in the Alcazar park and discover many more beautiful routes!


City center - Ancient theater

Ride around the city center, visit the post office square, the central square in the direction of the Ancient theater!

  • Distance1000m
  • Trip duration10min

Ancient theater - Pineios River

Visit the bed of Pineios, you can enjoy a wonderful route next to the river and under the plane trees, while on your way you will come across various footbridges!

  • Distance3800m
  • Trip duration40min

Pinios River - Alcazar Park

Visit the Alcazar Park, there is an amazing playground and mini golf! You can enjoy your coffee in the garden theater and reach the legendary Alcazar football stadium!

  • Distance2300m
  • Trip duration23min

Fortress Hill - Pappa's Mill

Go up the hill of the Fortress, there is the patron church of the city, Agios Achillios, various restaurants and cafes, big plane trees with lots of greenery! Go down to Pappa's Mill where there is a beautiful multi-purpose hall.

  • Distance2000m
  • Trip duration20min

Pappa's Mill - Railway Station

Cross the city center and follow the brand new bike path towards the Railway Station theme park, there is a playground, cafe and a beautifully landscaped area!

  • Distance2100m
  • Trip duration25min

Make your own route

Follow your own route, do your bike ride, get to know the beautiful city of Larissa and share your experience with us!

*Distance and duration are approximate.

Points of Interest

Either you like museums or you prefer tranquility of nature or just to discover the city center there are plenty of choices.

The theater is believed to have been built in the 3rd century BC and is one of the most important ancient monuments in the city.

The museum houses a collection of artifacts from the Paleolithic era to the Byzantine period.

A beautiful park located in the heart of the city, Alkazar Park features walking paths, a lake, and a small zoo.

This museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the cultural heritage of the region.

This Byzantine-era church is located in the city center and is known for its impressive frescoes and iconography.

The gallery hosts exhibitions of contemporary and traditional Greek art and is located in a beautiful neoclassical building.

The Pinios River runs through Larissa and is a popular spot for fishing, hiking, and picnicking.

The museum traces the history of the region from prehistoric times to the present day.

The fortress dates back to the Byzantine era and is a popular spot for sightseeing and photography.

Photo Gallery

Choose a bike and create memories!

rebike is here to help you have an amazing experience, have a look on the photos below and let us know your experience.

About us

Our love for cycling led us to create rebike and our aim is to give our customers a very beautiful experience.

We use the bicycle every day for moving around in the beautiful city of Larissa and we want to offer the same experience to the visitors of our city.

Our office is located in the city center, L. Katsoni 32, with easy access to the bike paths and next to the city's major hotels such as the Park Hotel, the Dionysos Hotel and others.

At rebike we support our customers throughout their experience, we provide advice and we are available to help in case of any problem.
Safety is our top priority at rebike. We maintain our bikes regularly to ensure they are in excellent condition, we provide helmets and other safety equipment to all our customers.
We are constantly trying to improve our services, we want to hear your opinion and our goal is that you will be completely satisfied!


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